Ypres,  W.W.1  TRIP  2010 

It was proposed at the October 2009 meeting, that our annual pilgrimage to foreign parts would be in 2010 to Ypres and the Menem Gate over a 4 day period, between 9th-13th September.
Jim Sparkes, long time club member, undertook to organise the trip, below are some facts of the tour prior to going followed by photos and comments of the trip itself.

I have chosen hotel Regina in Ypres, Belgium which is centred on the main square amongst other hotels and restaurants, the square is a car park by day. The hotel requires us to make a provisional booking by the end of January, everyone that requires accommodation is asked to phone the hotel and give there credit card details, this will confirm your booking.
Please read
Cancellation policy
There is 1 garage at the hotel which can accommodate about 9 bikes at the rate of 10 per day, chargeable parking is availed in the square directly outside the hotel between the hours of 9.00am--6.00pm a charge of 10 to park all-day.

 The trip 
 4 nights   9---13 Sep 2010 inclusive.
 Hotel Regina, Ypres central Belgium.
Channel crossing Euro star 30 mins from Folkestone Kent.
 Bridport ---Folkestone---Calais---Ypres---total mileage 300 miles.

Leave Bridport  8.00am 9 sept
Catch 1.00pm euro star train Folkestone duration 30.min
Train from Folkestone
Arrive Calais 2.30pm local time.
Calais to Ypres 60 miles arrive 4.30pm.
All the above times are approximate.       

Costs (approximate, depending on exchange rate)
Hotel Regina   2 star

The price is a group booking, based on 15 people with accommodation of there choice i.e. single, twin, double bed. The price (Inc continental breakfast) based on 15 people for four nights accommodation is 495 for the group i.e.
33 pppn = 33x4= 132 divided by the euro today 1.11 = 118.91p.for four nights each.
Would you please contact me by e-mail or phone 01985 844749 to confirm your inclusion in the trip before the end of January.

Euro star train costs             44     per bike per person return
Hotel cost                              120   Per Person
5 days rations                       300
Petrol allowance                  150

  To view the hotel click on www.hotelregina.be

Phil Wright is planning to go to the Nurburgring in conjunction with Jim's "adventure", anyone interested contact Phil.

I stayed at Sliders Guest house at Dollendorf which is about 15K from the Nurburgring, it is ideal for groups of motorcyclists who wish to experience the RING or just ride the Eifel National Park region of Germany, which is superb.
I, with my wife Lynne as pillion achieved 1lap of the RING on our 1993 Triumph Daytona, it was fantastic, exhilarating and very, very scary at the same time but we did it.
To see how to do it check out the Sliders web site, go to 'guest house information' 'a lap with Bren' AWESOME.
Whilst there we also sampled some of the best motorcycling roads and scenery any where especially around the Cochem area and a return visit must be on the cards.

Lynne & Phil at the Nurburgring
Cochem on the River Mosel in the Eifel region.
Vianden on the German Luxemburg border, scene of fierce fighting in the 2nd World War.
The square in Bastogne centre of the fighting of the Battle of the Bulge WW2.
Nether ask for a small sandwich in France and expect an English small sandwich!!
The Menin Gate in Iepers (Ypres) and the 8pm last post which is played every night although not always with the ceremony that took place this Saturday evening.
Iepers across the fields of Flanders
Iepers Square out side our Hotel
Two very nice men! Phil had never had power bubble bath before!
The bar / restaurant that we frequented each evening  and the superb waiter who looked after us.
Hill 62 trenches museum from WW1
The WW1 cemetery at Tyne Cot which is the largest allies cemetery.