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Afgan Heroes Mothers Day Motorcycle Ride

March 14th 2010

Afghan Heroes has been launched by a group of mothers with the aim of helping our service personnel directly on the front line; the families of those who have fallen and our returning service personnel who have witnessed these horrific losses of their fellow comrades.

Afghan Heroes is independent of other charities. It deals specifically with members of the British forces and their families that have been affected by the military operations in Afghanistan now and into the future.
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To support all our service personnel operating in theatre in Afghanistan, by providing the much needed "home comfort" supplies and gifts to the 9,000 service personnel, to promote and embrace the new initiative "Thank A Soldier" and to ensure our soldiers know they are not alone. On the home front we will set up support groups for the families of the fallen. We will also set up regional network groups and events so families can come together and support each other.
MAIN SITE: http://www.afghanheroes.org.uk

Who is organising the ride?
The ride is being organised by Julia Stevenson and Elizabeth Stevens via their Facebook group Bike Run in support of Wootton Bassett: Sunday 14th March 2010. The Police, MOD, Wootton Bassett authorities and staff from Afghan Heroes charity are supporting them where needed. Afghan Heroes charity is the beneficiary of money raised on the day.

What time will it start?
Riders will be asked to muster from 8am at Hullavington Airfield (A429).

How much are the wristbands
Each wristband will cost 5 One per person will be required to enter the muster point they are special event commemorative wristbands.

Where is the muster/start point?
The ride will start within the Hullavington Airfield (A429) Post code SN14 6GU.

What facilities are available at the muster point?
As well as the the registration desks there will be facilities serving hot food, tea/coffee and other hot drinks (yes, enough for 15K people) as well as toilet facilities. St John ambulance first aid and Paramedics will be in attendance.

What is the route?
The run will start on the runway of Hullavington Airfield (A429) undertaking the following route: A429 (NW to Burton Hill), B4042 (Priory Roundabout to Callows Cross), Callow Hill to White Hill Lane then A3102 through to Wootton Bassett. The ride will then go to Coped Hall (A3102) roundabout for dispersal. There will be dispersal routes clearly signed for those travelling to the North, South, East and West. View the map.

The Crown Inn, Bridport. 8am

The Crown Inn, Bridport. 8am
Arriving at Hullavington Airfield Hullavington Airfield
Hullavington Airfield Headless at Hullavington Airfield
On route On route
Wooton Bassett Wooton Bassett
Wooton Bassett Wooton Bassett
Wooton Bassett