France 2013

Touring Hotel, St-Leonard des Bois

This hotel is a bit old world but the kindness and attention of staff were wonderful, when we were there the holiday season had just finished and staff was very minimal in the evenings, like one in the kitchen and one serving food and drink. Breakfast was baguette, croissant, some yoghurt, juice, hot drinks. So forget cereal, bacon sausage. They have an indoor pool and the village is small and picturesque and quiet. This area is in the Alpes Millenes and in season there is canoeing, rock climbing and a few local cafes.

It was about 150miles from Cherbourg which was probably more than you want to travel after a ferry crossing arriving in France at 2pm.

Weather was not too clever and water proofs were put to the test but as usual its not the place or weather but the people you are with, so a good time was had regardless, well done Jim for organising and Nick and Paul for use of “satnav”, I sure Nick only uses it in France because he has it set on a sexy French female voice.

Nick came upon this lake while looking at his map. Who needs 'satnav'.
Nick & Jim trying to sort out where to go next, "Ahhh, I'm off to the loo and I've got the Map" says Nick
See- Hear- Say no evil, the Three Monkeys That's a long way up
So, who's going up? The French no how to do it!!
Thar she Blows
Any one seen Chris?                                         Hi every one we're here! Chris is down there.
Bugger they have seen me!! Best meal of the w/e.