Paul Ackerman has suggested that we may have a trip to Bethune for this weekend.

Anyone interested see Paul 07974 940304 -- 01308458262
The ferry booking details can be found here.


407, Boulevard Jean Moulin - 62400 BETHUNE

http://www.mc-liberte.com - contact@mc-liberte.com

France - Pas-de-Calais - Freeway A26 Exit n'6 (Bethune)

21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th May, 2009

Weekend of the ascent

13th Blessing of the Motorcyclists

Tourist rally       Exhibitions    Concerts

Shows of acrobatics motorcycle     rock Springboard           Trails round retro motorcycle

Motorcycle Road's Passport    Animations Stands         Trail round any motorcycles   exchange of exchanges

Market of the second-hand motorcycle Restoration         Blessing of the motorcyclists chapel of Gonnehem

Market of the spare part motorcycle stock

4 days of the motorcyclists

It belongs to Bethune from 21st till 24th May 2009

SPACE OUT RETRO MOTORCYCLE-4 days from 1 0 am till 7 pm, Saint-Vaast Square

MOTO RUMMAGE SALE - Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 from 08 am till 7 pm, Joffre square


Thursday, May 21st, 9 pm, Belfry' square: ENGLISH ROCK band
Friday, May 22nd, 9 pm,
Belfry' square, BIG GUNS and DYNASTY (tribute KISS)
Saturday, May 22nd from 2 pm till 6 pm,
Belfry' square, Rock springboard 5 regional bands in competition for the trophy ROCK SPRINGBOARD 2009

Saturday, May 22nd, 7 pm,
St-Vaast Church, Gospel Band with Si TUENDA band Saturday, May 22nd, 9 pm, Belfry' square, AMAZING and ELECTRIC DUCKS (tribute AC/DC) Sunday, May 23rd, 1 pm, Belfry' square, Rockabilly band (( JIM & THE BEANS )>

ACROBATICS MOTORCYCLE - 21st, 22nd & 23rd at 3 pm & 6 pm Lamartine square

TRAIL ROUND MOTORCYCLES except the stroll "Retroes, no registration beforehand - Thursday, May 21st,

Friday, May 22nd, "Motorcycle Road Passport" on 50 km

(MRP) Trail round Road safety, free registrations on Belfry' square, at MCL stand Saturday, May 23rd at II am, Saint-Vaast' square, stroll of 40 km retroes of front 1975 Registrations : 00.33.611.36.05.16 - contactretro@mc-liberte.com

Sunday, May 24th at 10:30 am, railroad station, trails round 50 km motorcycle

Sunday, May 24th at 3 pm, railroad station, buckles 20 km for Blessing of Motorcyclists


All the concerts, the shows and the strolls are completely free- Stands

Exhibitions, Animations on the Belfry Square

Free privileged and watched car park, Saint-Vaast, square motorcycles of front 1975. Free watched car park, on the Republic square, any motorcycles.

Car park sub-ground 24/24H with preferential rate, any motorcycles.

The Restoration and Hotel business with discretion.

Campsite motorcyclist at Riding school Bethune, 280 places, 5 Euros overnight stay Bookings: 00.33.622.78.74.11 - campingmotard@mc-liberte.corn

INFORMATION : 00.33.609.61.48.98 or 00.33.669.01.98.80