2012 French Adventure.

Wednesday, September 19th -  Phil & Lynne, Nick & Pat (Patrick, for those of you with thoughts of a clandestine affair), Chris, Alan and Mike set out for a Travelodge at Portsmouth with Martin, George, Simon & Rachel following on later in the day to other Travelodge's.
Paul & Jackie and Jim (I know where I'm going) Sparkes, (our intrepid tour leader) followed on Thursday and met us on the ferry bound for Cherbourg, little did we know that we were embarking on a real adventure into the unknown.

At Cherbourg, George, Simon & Rachel parted for there own adventure to other parts of France while we followed Nick and then Jim into the unknown wilderness of the north west Cherbourg peninsular, this was after losing Steve at the port (don't ask).

We all eventually arrived at the B&B at La Luot and proceeded to have a good 4 days of sight seeing around Granville, Mont St Michelle and St Malo.
Roger, our host at the B&B, turned out to be a real star, whilst we were there the Brittany Ferries employees decided to go on strike and the company then put all sailings on hold, yes we were stranded in France. Roger came to the rescue by allowing us the use of his computer and his time to re-book our return sailings.

Paul & Jackie, Phil & Lynne and Chris opted to go via Calais / Dover on the Monday with a stay over in Folkestone travelling to Bridport on the Tuesday, Alan, Mike, Martin, Jim and Nick & Pat went on the Tuesday via St Malo - Jersey - Pool.
George, Simon & Rachel who had been exploring other parts had to make an epic dash from St Malo to Bridport via Calais / Dover on the Monday, Oh the impetuousness of the young!!

Whilst there Lynne celebrated her ***** Birthday with a lovely dinner at the B&B topped off with a beautiful cake baked by Emma who was a student working at the B&B, it's any ones guess what she learnt from a bunch of "experienced" rockers.

Allegedly the six amigos who stayed the extra day behaved in the best traditions of Brits abroad, beer, wine, cider, food, playing boules, working out on the trampoline, dozing in the afternoon with more food and wine in the evening.
Last of the Sumer Wine springs to mind but if you wish to know more you will have to ask 'The Amigo's'

And he's not had a drink yet Look behind you Alan!!
A happy crew, but will things get better!! Caught in the act
The picture says it all! Mont St Michelle
Ah! There they are. Would you buy a second hand m/c from these three??
I see no ships. Mike after a heavy night on the wine.
Granville harbour.
Lynne's birthday party with Emma and the cake she baked for lynne. Roger our host in the back ground.
Anybody know where we go? Just landed in France. Rachel remarked that she would like a seat on the rear of Simons bike like this.
IS there any cafe/bar open for food. NO. Right, said Simon, your turn George.
German submarine pens from the 2nd world war at St Nazaire